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21 April 2018

Web design for your SME or business

Web Design from DRS Design

Running a small to medium sized enterprise? Looking to maximise your opportunities for finding new customers? Need to promote a more professional image for your business online by having your existing website redesigned or overhauled?

Enhance the image of your business

It's important to create a good impression, and your website may be the first contact a potential customer has with your business. Create the right impression with a web design that looks professional.

DRS Design can take care of your web design for you. If you'd like to discuss your web design requirements or need more information just call on 07913 860 970 or use the contact page here.

The web design created for you will be search engine optimized

Web Design from DRS Design

If the purpose of your website is to market your business then you need to be sure that the web design created for you is search engine friendly. DRS Design will advise and work with you whilst your web design is in development on the various aspects of making your site as effective as possible in achieving good results in search engines.

There are many factors that contribute towards a web design performing well in search engine listings. There are also a variety of dubious tactics that in the short term can work very well in terms of getting a site ranked highly in search engines. However, in the medium to long term such tactics are highly inadvisable as the use of them can get you banned from a search engine if you are caught. DRS Design endeavours to act ethically and in the best interests of clients and will not use such tactics for your site.

Web design packages from DRS Design are optimized to take into account the many and varied factors that can help a web design in search engine performance and to boost your search engine ranking in acceptable ways.

For more information just call DRS Design on 07913 860 970, or use the contact page here.

Expand your business through the Web

Promotion of your business or enterprise by means of a website plays an important part in finding new customers or clients. Search engines such as the Google™ search engine are increasingly used by people who are looking for a company or organisation that can supply them with the goods or services they want.

If you want your business to be found by a search engine then it is obviously an essential prior requirement that you have your own website. Once uploaded to webspace your website could be advertising your business, organisation, or whatever you like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are in business then it makes sense to maximise your opportunities for finding new customers and a well-designed website can do exactly that. Contact DRS Design

Advertise on search engines

One way of drawing potential customers to your website is through advertising on search engines. Such advertising is commonly known as 'pay-per-click', because you are only charged for the advert if someone actually clicks on it and visits your website. This can help you to run extremely tightly targetted advertising campaigns, as you are only paying for the ad when it actually produces the result of someone being interested enough to visit your website, and your ad would only have been displayed to that person if they first searched for keywords that you have chosen as ones directly relevant to your business.

The costs can be capped per day, so it needn't be too expensive, and you may well find that advertising on the Google™ search engine produces much better returns on investment than other forms of advertising.

The Google™ search engine pay-per-click advertising program is called AdWords™, and you can learn more about it here.

DRS Design can manage your pay-per-click campaign for you

Making your AdWords™ campaign work though is dependent upon it being set up effectively, as your ads will only appear if they are triggered by the right keyword searches. DRS Design can offer the service of setting up and running an AdWords™ campaign for you if you like - contact DRS Design here for details, or call DRS Design on 07913 860 970.

*Google™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
*AdWords™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
The proprietor of DRS Design is a member of the Google™ Advertising Professionals Programme, but is not in any other way in relationship or affiliation with Google™, nor is DRS Design sponsored or endorsed by Google™. The editorial content of this site is not authored by Google™ and the views and opinions expressed here are not the views or opinions of Google™ or Google™ personnel.

Your web design can be made spam-proof

Web Design from DRS Design

No one likes being bombarded with unsolicited commercial emails (spam), but when you want to market your business through a website you need to be as contactable by your prospective clients as possible. The problem is that if you openly advertise your email address on your website then you are inviting large amounts of spam too.

Spammers use automated scripts that crawl round the internet looking for email addresses. When they see one they harvest it, and the next thing you know your address is on a spam list that you can never get it removed from. But there is a way of preventing this situation from arising.

DRS Design can incorporate into your website a contact page which uses a script running on your web server to handle emails. When a visitor to your website wants to send you an email, they can complete a form on your website, click 'send', and the script running on the server takes their message, puts it into an email, and sends it on to you at whatever email address you like. This method makes it impossible for a spammer to see what your email address is by looking at your website.

For more information about spam and how to avoid getting it follow this link.

For further information on adding a contact page to your website use the contact page or call DRS Design on 07913 860 970.

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