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21 April 2018

About Web Hosting

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Once you have had a website designed for you the site will need to be hosted somewhere on the Internet in order for it to be publicly available.

Simply put, hosting is the renting of space on a computer known as a server which is permanently connected to the Internet and which serves up your web pages whenever any other computer connected to the Internet requests them.

DRS Design can arrange hosting for you

If you are a web design client of DRS Design then arranging the hosting for your website is all part of the service. There is a fee for such hosting, in addition to the design fees; the cost of hosting varies depending upon your site's requirements, but for many clients the cost of suitable hosting is often around 40-60 for one year.

If you already have your own hosting and are having a site designed by DRS Design, then the design can be uploaded to your own webspace (provided your own hosting meets the technical requirements for your site). If you can provide DRS Design with the necessary login info then the site can be uploaded for you, alternatively the completed design can be supplied for you to upload yourself if you prefer.
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The best option

However, if you are having a site designed for you the best option is to let DRS Design arrange the hosting. This is because occasionally the hosting clients have arranged for themselves is not compatible with one or more technical features of the design, and there can then be a duplication of costs for the client if additional hosting then has to be arranged in order to meet technical requirements.

Your hosting package can include email addresses at your domain name

DRS Design can offer you a package which includes the design of your site, your domain name, hosting for your site, and the option of using email addresses at your domain name.

For example, if you have registered the domain name yourdomainname.co.uk, you have the option of being able to send out your emails from an address such as, for example, info@yourdomainname.co.uk.

You can have as many different email addresses at your domain name as you need, all of which can have their own POP3 email accounts, so if you have an office of staff, each person can have their own email account. However, multiple email addresses at your domain may increase the cost of your hosting, depending upon how many addresses you need. Contact DRS Design for details.

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